Private Dining Room

Hidden in the upstairs alcove of Evita lies a Private Dining Room, reminiscent of some of Buenos Aires inner-most concealed wine cellars. In this dark and moody space, you will find long, sharing Banquet Tables that fit 60 Seated or 80 Cocktail style, surrounded by over 300 carefully selected wines, along with a selection of Argentinean and Spanish grapes.

The Heritage listed building that houses Evita seems designed for this concealed sanctuary, deeply fitting of its past life. In Evita’s main Restaurant space, the walls are filled with a white, airy texture, a dark contrast to the black walls and deep lighting found in the upstairs Private Dining Room.

With an air of exclusivity, Evita’s Private Dining Room is carefully hidden away from the rest of the venue, making it the perfect space to host a small and intimate Function, Corporate Dinner, or Celebration.